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96 Full round for rumbling only Teeth Construction: Diamond 1″ ( cm) Shank Teeth Durability: 100-400 Miles (160-644 kilometers) depending on aggregate hardness Rumble Hog Features

  • For use on various types of pavement for a high rate of production and with repetitive accuracy
  • Spacious air conditioned cab provides room for controls and a passenger
  • Cutter assembly has the ability to slide from one side of the machine to the other allowing for close proximity cuts on either side of the Rumble Hog
  • The drum shifts from side-to-side two ways: Manual and Vision
    • Manual: A left and right button is provided on the joystick and on the screen. The direction is selected when the button is released
    • Vision: Select Automatic on the screen and begin moving forward
  • Three different skip programs are available
    • Cutter is driven up and down by the eccentric drive only requiring hydraulic
      cylinders for skips – this greatly increases the life of the cylinders
    • Cutter is mechanically and electronically synchronized with the forward movement
      of Rumble Hog
  • The hydraulic oil cooling system incorporates two electric fans designed to maintain normal operating temperatures at continuous full load
  • Requires no extra equipment to deliver to the job site
  • Transition from transit to work mode is about two minutes
  • Waveline Smart Cylinders for depth control
Videos Rumble Hog Grooving Profile

“The new Ducati Scrambler is a great platform,” says Untitled’s Hugo Eccles. “It does an admirable job of capturing the essence of the original Scrambler, but with certain inevitable cost and production compromises”.

Rumble Strips, The - MotorcycleRumble Strips, The - MotorcycleRumble Strips, The - MotorcycleRumble Strips, The - Motorcycle